English Summer Camp

Summer Camp 7-12 year olds in the Netherlands

Do you want to go on a summer camp in the Netherlands with other children your age but your Dutch isn't fluent enough? No problem! Especially for you we have organized a Vinea summer camp completely in English! With canoeing, swimming, a daytrip to Utrecht and many more activities.

Do you or your parents live abroad or are you moving abroad soon, did you get a bilingual education or are you an expat child living in the Netherlands? Perhaps you are more fluent in English than you are in Dutch? Go to this English summercamp in the Netherlands! During this summercamp, the spoken language is English and the whole program is in English as well. Canoeing, archery, a thrilling escapebox, but also a visit to De Haar Castle and a citytrip to Utrecht. In Utrecht we climb the Dom Tower where, from the top, we have an amazing view over the city!


  • Organized especially for children who live abroad, expat children in the Netherlands or children with a bilingual education;
  • Typical Vinea Summercamp
  • All the games and activities are in English
  • Visit to ‘De Haar Castle’
  • Citytrip to Utrecht and climbing the Dom Tower
  • Canoeing, swimming, archery and many more activities
  • Solve the puzzels of the escapebox

Group accommodation Kameryck is located In the middle of ‘Het Groene Hart’, between Amsterdam and Utrecht. The accommodation is easily accessible from main highways (A2 and A12). We sleep in tiny houses, each provided with four separate beds. At the central area we have our meals and we can relax by the fireplace. Outside we have two large playfields, a campfire place, a petting zoo and there is a small lake for canoeing. The perfect location for your English summer camp!


  • Cosy group accommodation in the middle of ‘Het Groene Hart’
  • Easily accessible from main highways (A2 and A12)
  • 4-person tiny houses with separate beds
  • Central area for dinner and relaxing
  • Clean and separate showers and toilets
  • Two large playfields, a campfire place and a petting zoo
  • Small lake for canoeing
  • Free WiFi


For this camp there is a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 24 children, children of both age groups (7-10 and 10-12) form one group.

Other English summercamps (an English language camp) also take place at this location.  


You can travel to the accommodation with your own transport or by public transport.

Group accommodation Kameryck
Oortjespad 3
3471 HD Kamerik
+31 30 22 70 680 (Vinea Office)

Start and end times of the summercamp
Start time: Sundays at 14:00

End time: Saturdays at 11:30