Vinea Summer Camps

As a parent you want your children to have an amazing time during summer. It could be that you are coming to the Netherlands for a few weeks for business, for a vacation or to visit friends and loved ones. Or you're living in the Netherlands as an expat family. And maybe, just because you want your son or daughter to experience and learn something new in a different environment. That’s where we come in! Let us introduce ourselves: We are Vinea Holidays and with over 65 years of experience we can proudly call ourselves the biggest travel organization for kids and youngsters in the Netherlands! We offer you all inclusive summer camps with a lot of fun activities for your kids during a 4, 7 or 10 days holiday.

We from Vinea think it is very important that every child has the time of his or her life. But we also think it is important that every child is welcome. That is why, even if your child can’t speak Dutch, he or she still is welcome to join one of our summer camps. We will ensure you that he or she will fit perfectly in our group holidays and they can join every activity that has been scheduled. In the Netherlands it is common for kids to speak English next to the Dutch language even at a young age. And even if it’s just poorly, the kids will still find a way to communicate. Because that is what kids do!

It's over 65 years ago that we organized our first holidays. So we can proudly say that we are a professional kids group tour operator. But no matter how good some of our holidays are, we keep listening to our participants. We continuously improve our camps and introduce new types of camps every year. Vinea is for many of our (former) participants a part of their childhood.

We offer camps for children and youngsters of different ages from 7 till 19 years old into different age categories. 

 7-10 years
 10-12 years
 12-15 years
 15-19 years
When your kids are on a group holiday with us, it could be that a different age group stays in the same accommodation as their group. Good to know that every group will follow their own activities during the day.

We are very involved with our camp guides and we know every single one of them very well. We only send our camp guides on a holiday if they participated and passed our intensive training weekend. The age of our camp guides is roughly between 19 and 28 years. The minimal age for a camp guide is 17. It is required that all of our camp guides can speak at least Dutch and English. All of our camp guides are experienced with kids and most of them have an educational background in tourism, education or sports and movement. Every tour guide has to have a VOG (Advancement of good behavior), a formal paper from the Dutch government. So we can assure you that our tour guides are professionals. Safety comes first!

We wouldn’t call ourselves the biggest travel organization for kids and youngsters if we didn’t have a lot of locations and programs to choose from. In the Netherlands we have around 15 locations to choose from. But that is not all, we also operate holidays and camps in the rest of Europe, think about Spain, France, Italy and Sweden! In total we have around 70 different camps you can choose from.

Exclusively for expats we have a special variety of camps this summer. These camps are meant for children who's first or second language is English. 

If you're interested in one of our current Dutch camps, visite our website and find the perfect camp for you!

If you want to get more information or if you want help finding the perfect summer camp for your child, please contact us. We will provide you all the help there is to find the perfect fit. We can also give you more information about a specific summer camp. You can contact our office Monday till Friday from 8.30 am till 6.30 pm.

Telephone:       +31(0)30-2270680